It shouldn’t surprise you.
Your inner reality is reflected in your choices

A best friend, a true confident,
generously whispers
her favorite finds – her must haves –
to ensure you’re always surrounded by
beauty, inspiration and love.
She knows that an authentic life manifests itself in uniquely wonderful things.

“After all, living uniquely
is a beautiful form of courage.”

That’s why the things she selects
reflect your inner fire,
so that you are perfectly prepared
for whatever life is delivering.

Jan Desai standing in her office |
Jan Desai's children twirling in the garden with their friends |

These treasured objects are the things that I am over-the-moon crazy about.
Once you get to know me you’ll see that nothing gives me greater joy
than sharing my favorite things with you.
Every single one of my picks can be found
in my home, wrapped around my body, accompanying my children,
on my nightstand or as a special gift for a dear friend.

I believe that objects should have only two purposes – comfort and love.
That’s why this discerningly curated list is ever evolving,
so be sure and check back often.

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