How to Reclaim Your Dreams:
3 Simple Steps Toward a More
Authentic Life

In this free audio training, you’ll learn 3 powerful strategies
that you can start using today to begin living an
authentic life of meaning, joy and courage.

Hi, I’m Jan!

I’m an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother and a philanthropist.

My life and work are dedicated to giving you the inspiration and power you need to reclaim your dreams.

It’s time for you to…
Live meaningfully.
Live joyfully.
Live courageously.

It’s time for you to live an authentic life.
Your authentic life.

Not there yet?
I promise you will be!

The Unobstructed Road

Let’s move forward together!
Follow the compass rose!
Start reclaiming your dreams!

Take The Unobstructed Road

a sometimes messy, but always compelling collection of stories, thoughts and ideas
designed to put more joy, meaning and authenticity into your life.

Jan’s World

These treasured objects are the things that I am over-the-moon crazy about.
I believe that objects should have only two purposes – comfort and love.
That’s why this discerningly curated list is ever-evolving,
so be sure and check back often.

Let’s Keep the Conversation Going!

Join my tribe, my messy gang, my group of the beautifully imperfect.
I can’t wait to talk!

  • It is quite rare to meet a person like Jan Desai and to actually get
    close enough to know the strength and goodness of her heart. Jan is
    pure tenacity, courage, wisdom, love, and generosity. She is a powerful
    example for so many women to not give up at age 50, but rather, to begin
    living fiercely to make a mark in our world.

    Sister Jenna

    Award-winning Spiritual Mentor, Author, Host of the Popular America Meditating Radio Show & Director of the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museums

  • For more than 20 years I’ve had the honor of watching Jan continuously
    evolve into the woman she is constantly becoming. She has shown me
    that when you’re brave enough to break the rules it’s entirely possible to
    have it all, success, connection, joy and passion. I continue to dream bigger
    and envision greater possibilities because of her presence in my life.

    Judith Liegeois

    Owner Judith Liegeois Design

    Bespoke Interior Design Services

  • Through soulful reflection and navigating some of life’s greatest challenges,
    Jan has transformed her life into one of joy and passion. She has pushed
    through the boundaries of her own personal history and developed tools to
    inspire others to embark on a life infused with opportunity.

    Leize Perlmutter

    Master Teacher

  • Jan is like a best friend or sister who holds your hand and helps give
    you the courage to move forward on the path to a more authentic life.
    And like any sister or best friend, she is so articulate, funny and
    relatable that you forget your fear and have fun along the way.

    Karen VanArsdale

    Premier Sotheby’s International Realty

    One of the Top Real Estate Professionals in the United States
    with More than 2 Billion in Residential Sales

  • Jan Desai is a woman of immense talent, relatability and
    wisdom. This world is lucky to have Jan’s devotion to her
    mission to empower both men and women to courageously
    live the life of their dreams. She authentically shares her
    gifts in a way that is easy and fun for all her clients.

    Sandra Biskind

    International #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker and Spiritual Mentor