Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Mineral Bath

Sing hey! for the bath at close of day
that washes the weary mud away!
A loon is he that will not sing:
O! Water Hot is a noble thing!

 You don’t need to be a hobbit to appreciate the absolute divinity of a long, warm soak in the tub. At such times, the bathroom becomes a sanctuary, a sanctum sanctorum, and you are the avatar of the Goddess of ‘Ahhhhh’. Add in a couple candles, a glass of good wine, and the devotions are complete.

In a moment such as this, it can be useful to consider the history of the bath. People have always yearned to be clean and less-than-adequate hygiene has never been a social plus. Throughout history, it was the clean who always traversed the halls of power, leaving behind a sufficiently pleasing scent.

Yet, people have also always known that bathing is more than making sure your nether parts adequately squeak. Bathing has always had a, shall we say, more sybaritic element. You understand this. For you, bathing is largely a solitary affair. It is a sensual escape from the everyday world into quiet, peace, and the heady scent of a high quality mineral bath.

Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Mineral Bath is that high quality product that will quickly become your bestest bathtime buddy. Oil of balsam fir, juniper, lemon, eucalyptus, and myrtle combine to warm, soothe, and relax. You emerge from your sanctuary velvety smooth and refreshed. Drop in, climb in, and bliss out indeed.

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