Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

There’s nothing more to see
Than a hundred thousand islands
Flung like jewels upon the sea
For you and me
~ David Crosby

We left Cabo at dawn. After waiting for days, a weather system to the north was sending winds down the coast. These offshore winds would carry the Pellucid Argosy far enough out into the Pacific so that she could pick up the northeast trade winds and ride them like a bird to the Marquesas.

As we watched the coast of Baja dip under the horizon, there was a certain amount of trepidation. After all, we were sailing into one of the most remote places on Earth. It would be nearly 3000 nautical miles before we set eyes on land again – if nothing went wrong.

Later that day, as we sailed into a crimson and orange sunset, much of the trepidation had turned into relief. We were actually doing this. Sailing into the South Pacific, into the French Polynesia of Melville, Gauguin and Jacques Brel. No matter the other emotions, right now neither of us had ever felt more vital or alive.

The next day, the winds picked up to 20 knots out of the northeast. We had hit the trade winds. For the next 31 days, the Argosy followed the rhumb line across the chart to paradise. The old sailors called it riding the down the trades. Day after day of steady wind and fair weather.

There’s more to the tale than can be told here. A night when the Argosy’s wake glittered with phosphorescent light stretching behind her to the horizon. A dawn watch when a startled whale breached next to the boat. The albatross that followed us for over 1000 miles.

Until one morning, when the sea rolled back and there above the horizon was Hiva Oa, the main beam of the House of God. Then once again, we beheld white shores and beyond them a far green country under a swift sunrise. As we dropped anchor in the harbor, we were greeted by the aroma of frangipani and the scent of coconuts.

Barlean’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil always reminds me of that morning in the Marquesas. Coconut oil is a dense superfood, packed with medium chain triglycerides – the kind that promotes cardiovascular health. It is also the best personal lubricant around – one that can rekindle the fires of pleasure in a bedroom or the cockpit of a sailboat. Barlean’s is 100% organic and island fresh, with no solvents or chemicals added. Best of all, it’s cold pressed for vibrant health, energy and taste.

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