Stepping away from suffering
takes real courage.

It takes introspection, inner work and support.
Moving out of the shadow of the stories you’ve been told, the stories that you tell –
the victimization, the losses, the heartbreak, the mediocrity, the apathy, the despair –
is the most challenging choice you will ever make.

But, you know what?

Right now, you have within you
everything it takes
to make it through this challenge.

Right now, a new and authentic chapter in your life is just getting started.

Right now, you’re taking the first step towards
creating a life
filled with joy, meaning and clarity.

Right now, the dreams that you’ve cherished your entire life are waiting to be reclaimed.

If you do nothing else, EMBRACE THIS ABSOLUTE TRUTH,

and hold it close to your heart.

I’m Jan Desai

I’m honored and humbled to be your companion on this path of rediscovery.

I’m here to inspire you to let go of your suffering
and embrace authentic transformation,
to walk through the fire with you and
to give you a safe place to land when you need it most.

So, what gives me the creds to be able to support you on this sacred journey?

At 60, after years of intense inner work,
I am now living the life that I hoped for,
that I dreamed of
and that I aspired towards.

“My journey is proof that it’s never too late
to begin living your most authentic life
and in doing so,
reclaim your passion, your purpose and your joy.”

You see, I’m a seasoned traveler on the path of life
and, believe me, I’ve taken practically every scenic side trip possible.
Some have been magnificent, others nightmarish and in every single one –
an invaluable lesson.

It’s those lessons that have led me
out of deep valleys of hopelessness and despair,
back up the mountainside and into the light.

So, let me share my most important lesson with you.

In order to live fully, richly and deeply,
you have to be prepared to
break the rules that hold you in place.
You need to smash the sometimes self-imposed constraints
that can bind you to misery.
You need to ignore and even trample
the conventions that block you
from being who you were meant to be.

Stasis and change are opposites.
Only by breaking the cycle of immobility, complacency and despair
will you have the opportunity to live a courageous life
full of joy and meaning.
Only by living in a way that is
and true to who you really are
will you have the chance to live an authentic life.

“Life is messy, tragic terrifying,
But also unbelievably breathtaking.”

In balancing these opposites,
I’ve learned that there are deep gifts
hidden in the most demanding challenges that life throws at us.

I’ve experienced so much. Both good and bad,
and through it all I have continued to learn, grow and move more fully
into the woman I am continually becoming.

But, do you know what my greatest accomplishment is?

At the age of 50, I found the courage to begin living life on my terms.

For the first time in my life, I boldly stood on my own two feet
and purposefully turned my back on the
normal, the approved and the expected.

“I broke all of the rules
a women my age was expected to keep.”

I began navigating a path of complete authenticity.

And, you know what?

I discovered a completely unique life
that fully reflects my love,
my individuality,
my passions
and my greater purpose.

Was it easy? Hell, no.
Was it worth the journey?
Emphatically yes!

Fast forward to today.

Even though I thought my life was over at 50,
in the last decade I’ve ticked off
almost every bucket list item that I’ve secretly kept hidden
in a little black book at the bottom of my bedroom nightstand.

I am the mother of two sets of twins – ages 2 ½ and 5
who mean more to me than life itself.

I’m even more deeply in love with my husband,
a man 21-years my junior,
who after ten years still makes my head spin and my heart swoon.

I am doing work that inspires passion within me
and finding balance that allows me to
laugh, play and get a great night’s sleep
when the day’s work is done.

And I awake each day
full of energy and purpose,
knowing that no matter what the day brings,
I have the cojones to handle it all
with grace and gratitude.

My life is joyful.

My life has meaning.

My life is authentically mine.

And so is yours.

This is the undeniable truth as I know it now…

You are greater than you know.

You are braver than you know.

You are stronger than you know.

I am dedicated to helping you

bridge the distance between where you are today
and where you want to be tomorrow.

I am humbled and honored
to have the opportunity
to travel with you while you
rediscover your dreams and
the life that is most authentically yours.

My promise to you?

“It’s never too late to create a
life you love.”

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