Nourishing Broth: An Old Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!

Jack’s giant was apparently onto something with his penchant for bones as an essential culinary ingredient. Perhaps not so much with bread, but definitely in broth.

In Nourishing Broth: An Old Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World, authors Sally Fallon Morell and Kaayla T. Daniel rediscover and share the enormous health benefits bone broth brings to everything from children’s illness to arthritis prevention to improved athletic performance. Enter my kitchen any day of the week and you will find my grandmother’s soup pot simmering on low, emanating the delicious aroma of this liquid gold.

Whether sipped from a chipped, yet cherished, ceramic mug or used as a base for soups, stews, and sauces, bone broth is a nutritional powerhouse. Loaded with glycine, collagen, and amino acids, bone broth can help skin stay supple, improve bone strength, and boost immune response. Containing dozens of recipes for everything from chicken stock to shrimp consommé, Nourishing Broth will have you adding goodness to your diet in ways that even Jack’s giant couldn’t imagine (Englishmen excepted).

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