Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards

Go back in time and you will find the goddess. Go back before the light robbed the darkness of its power and you will find her. Go back until paved roads become mere tracks in wild places. Go back before the clock ripped the day to shreds. Go back until the cathedrals become churches, the churches become temples and the temples become caves or standing stones or oak trees wrapped in mistletoe and ivy. Go back and you will always find the goddess. She is wrapped in the smoke from the fire, she smiles from the shadows of the forest floor and whispers your name in the wind across the valley. She is Astarte, Hecate, Durga, Brighid, and Sif. She is ancient. She is the mother. And she is still here.

Where you find the goddess, you will also find the oracle. Through the oracle, the goddess speaks, sometimes cryptically but always truthfully. The Oracle of Delphi is said to have spoken for Apollo, but long before Apollo brought the masculinity of the sun, Delphi was a place where the moon held sway.

Then, it was a temple of Gaia and the Oracle, who was always a woman, spoke to those supplicants who had made the dual journey, inward and outward, in preparation for hearing the divine.

Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards continues this ancient tradition. This beautifully designed 44-card deck allows you to connect with the wisdom and guidance of the mother. She speaks divine insight to me every morning upon wakening, through these cards. They are my touchstone. Accompanying the deck is a non-denominational guidebook that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to receive accurate and trustworthy messages for yourself and others. Listen, she is still whispering your name.

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