Mala Beads Necklace

What do a tricycle, the seven deadly sins, and a dozen doughnuts have in common? Yes, definitely the potential for a good time, but besides that.

As Destiny’s Child, Sneezy and Doc, or any recipient of a partridge in a pear tree can tell you, 3, 7, and 12 are all auspicious numbers. However, perhaps no number is as significant as the number 108. In Hindu and Vedic tradition, 108 is a number that represents the wholeness of existence.

That’s why mala necklaces contain 108 beads (109 if you count the guru bead). Used in much the same way that rosery beads are used in a Catholic tradition, the beads on a mala bracelet traditionally help those who are meditating to keep track of the japa or mantra. They are also worn as decorative bracelets or necklaces and are typically made of natural materials – wood, stone, and seeds. These materials represent a certain energy for the wearer, reminding them where the bracelet came from and what it means to them.

This beautiful mala necklace features amethyst beads with sterling silver guru. Amethyst enhances intuition and insight while providing stability and calmness. So, whether you’re improving your meditation practice, practicing your kapotasana position, or visiting one of the 108 Indian pithas, this sacred and beautiful mala bracelet will allow you to do it with the highest intentionality.

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