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Credit: Vanessa Rogers

Credit: Vanessa Rogers

Credit: Vanessa Rogers

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Jan Desai is an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother and a philanthropist. Her life and work are dedicated to giving women the inspiration and power they need to smash through convention and reclaim their dreams. Jan uses a lifetime worth of experience to teach others that they have the ability to create positive possibilities out of even the most negative of outcomes. A seasoned traveler on the path of life, Jan has always been called to this work. From distinct and successful careers in education, marketing, public relations, investment banking, and real estate development, to hosting a popular television show, to finding true love and motherhood after the age of 50, Jan’s life validates her message that rules were made to be broken. She now brings this vision and this message to all women, empowering them to live outrageously, to live authentically and to live a life full of meaning, joy and courage.