Using self-deprecating humor, a startling transparency about her own life and a no-holds barred honesty in her storytelling, Jan is able to connect with her audience on a deeply personal level in order to talk about some of life’s most difficult subjects. With remarkable wit and candor, she inspires them to embrace their imperfect perfections, shows them that it’s never too late to reclaim their dreams and leaves them with actionable steps that allows them to begin living a more authentic life.

Omega 2018 event |

See Jan at Omega 2018

The Courage To Do Things Differently

Rhinebeck, NY
July 6th – July 8th, 2018

Three days with Jan will bring about profound insight and changes in your life as you embrace the courage to do things differently. Heal the unresolved patterns that keep you making choices that are destructive to your self-love and well-being and return home with tools to begin living your most authentic life.

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