I’m so glad you’re here.

You may have heard of me through a friend
or came upon one of my articles or quotes online.
However you found me,
I am truly happy that you’re here.

This is my soul space.

It’s full of amazing and life-changing information,
support, and tools, all designed to help you start
to live the life that you deserve.

Take a quick look around and get a feel for what we do here.
Then, let’s start reclaiming your dreams!

Jan standing in her office in her blue dress | JanDesai.com

I’m a wife, mother, entrepreneur,
and philanthropist.

Most importantly, I’m a visionary.
My experiences in life have allowed me to see
possibilities in every outcome,
especially the painful ones.

The knowledge I’ve gained from these experiences
has allowed me to create a life that defies possibility
and today I’m inspiring others to do the same.

Allow me to support you through the tough times,
so that you can discover
the courage to do things differently.
Because at 60, I’m living proof
that it’s never too late
to create and live your best life.

You can learn more about me and my journey here.

Allow me to share my vision with you.

Let me teach you to look at life with new eyes.

Let me empower you with tools
to courageously face
whatever is currently unfolding in your life.

Let me show you that every situation in life,
regardless of how challenging,
is actually moving you forward
into something better,
something greater,
and something authentically you.

Imagine feeling that you deserve happiness,
knowing that sometimes you have to
break all the rules to get it.

Imagine learning to expect real miracles
regardless of how your life has unfolded
up to this moment.

I hope to be the close friend
that constantly reminds you of your capacity
to not only survive what life is delivering right now,
but also to come out on the other side
completely transformed.
Less reactive.
Filled with deeper gratitude,
imbued with peace,
overflowing with love for yourself
and the world around you
and instilled with the necessary courage
to deal with whatever you are facing.

Your dreams aren’t meant to die.

Your dreams are still out there.

Your time is coming.

Right now, you’re being called.

Take my hand.

Let me give you the courage

to do things differently.

Let’s walk through the fire together

into your authentic life.

Remember, on the other side of the darkness is light.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

How to Reclaim Your Dreams:
3 Simple Steps Toward a More
Authentic Life

In this free audio training, you’ll learn 3 powerful strategies
that you can start using today to begin living an
authentic life of meaning, joy and courage.


Living authentically
is all about finding balance.

As a woman of 60, I am perpetually grateful for having a completely unique life
that fully reflects my love, my individuality, my passions, and my greater purpose.

Yet achieving and maintaining that life is not all blood, sweat, and tears.
I love being a wife, mother, and grandmother.
I’m a voracious reader and a compulsive writer.
I love to laugh, but I also love a good cry (sometimes both at once).
I nurture my inner garden of creativity
through cooking, casual entertaining,
decorating, gardening,
and creating a warm, comfortable, and
supportive environment
for my family and friends.

So, while we’ll be rolling up our sleeves
and doing the sometimes hard work that accompanies any transformation,
we’ll also find plenty of time to play and relax.
You see, there’s real inspiration and power
in something as simple as a delicious recipe,
a good book, or a great gardening technique.
I can’t wait to share these things with you too!

As always, I’m very grateful and humbled
to have the opportunity to connect with you today,
helping you to rediscover your greatest life.

Ready to move fully into the light?

Then it’s time to take a look at my blog

The Unobstructed Road.

This is where I give you an oftentimes no-holds-barred look
into my life and share the wisdom and knowledge that I’ve learned along my journey.

It’s not always pretty,
but it is always guaranteed to make you stop,
reflect, and take the sometimes difficult steps
that you need to take in order to get to the place
that you know in your heart is home.

Search by category
or just simply binge-read.
Either way,
you will find something here
that will make a difference
in your day and in your life.

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