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Paddington Bear wouldn’t be caught dead without a pair of wellies. Tom Bombadil, no sartorial slouch, knew that boots – especially yellow ones – were essential for gathering flowers for one’s lady. Pooh Bear’s wingman, Christopher Robin, was often seen adventuring in a sturdy pair of rain boots. In fact, when Piglet’s house flooded during a particularly lengthy downpour, it was Christopher and his rain boots who saved the day.

So, while April showers do bring May flowers, damp, wet weather also means puddles, mud, and other vernal obstacles. That’s why rain boots are de rigueur for any primavera outdoor adventures. As they say in New England: “If the weather’s wet, boots are your best bet.” (Actually, no one in New England ever said that. I made it up.)

Hunter Boots Kids Rain Boots are the perfect way to keep little feet dry in rainy weather. They are the quintessential complement for pinafore dresses and swim suits as well! Constructed of rubber, with a sturdy crosshatch sole that provides plenty of traction, they are easy for little hands to put on and take off. Hunter Boots come in six vivid colors and a multitude of styles, with sizes to fit toddlers, tots, and older kids too. The gloss finish is my hands-down favorite.

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